Karnataka Govt. Announces Free Borewell and 3.5 Lakh Aid to Farmers

In a significant step towards revitalizing agriculture and empowering marginal farmers in Karnataka, the state government has launched the Ganga Kalyana Scheme. This comprehensive initiative aims to provide irrigation facilities to small and marginal farmers by harnessing the potential of nearby rivers and canals.

The scheme targets farmers with landholdings between 1 acre and 5 acres, ensuring that even the smallest holdings benefit from improved irrigation infrastructure. By providing access to reliable water sources, the Ganga Kalyana Scheme aims to enhance crop yields, boost agricultural productivity, and ultimately improve the economic well-being of marginal farmers.

The implementation of the Ganga Kalyana Scheme involves drawing pipelines from nearby water sources, such as rivers and canals, and installing pump sets and accessories with due energization. This approach ensures that farmers have access to water whenever needed, eliminating the constraints of seasonal rainfall and traditional irrigation methods.

The financial burden of establishing irrigation infrastructure is often a major obstacle for marginal farmers. Recognizing this challenge, the Ganga Kalyana Scheme provides substantial subsidies to eligible beneficiaries. The unit cost for the installation of irrigation facilities is fixed at Rs. 4.00 lakhs for landholdings up to 8 acres and Rs. 9.00 lakhs for landholdings between 8 and 15 acres. This financial assistance significantly reduces the upfront costs for farmers, making irrigation facilities more accessible and affordable.

The Ganga Kalyana Scheme is expected to have a transformative impact on the agricultural landscape of Karnataka. By providing reliable irrigation facilities to marginal farmers, the scheme promises to boost crop yields, increase agricultural production, and ultimately enhance the livelihoods of thousands of farmers across the state.

In addition to its economic benefits, the Ganga Kalyana Scheme also contributes to environmental sustainability. By promoting efficient water usage and reducing reliance on groundwater extraction, the scheme helps to conserve water resources and protect the environment.

The launch of the Ganga Kalyana Scheme is a testament to the Karnataka government’s commitment to empowering marginal farmers and revitalizing the agricultural sector. By providing access to irrigation facilities and reducing financial burdens, the scheme has the potential to transform the lives of countless farmers and contribute to the overall growth and prosperity of the state.

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