People do not have to pay tax on money sent to these 8 countries

You may have noticed that in our Indian country, starting from toll tax and including income tax, taxes have to be paid on many goods and services. There are some other countries in the world where citizens do not have to pay any kind of taxes to the government. Come and get more information about these countries.

Bermuda, a country with a population of more than 63 thousand, does not have to pay any taxes on their income; only employees working there have to pay only 14% payroll tax. Now even in Saudi Arabia, if you are working, there is no need to pay any kind of tax.

In this case only 20 percent tax will have to be paid. You are not required to pay any personal tax in the country of Brunei. There is no such tax in the country of Oman and here everyone can live without paying any tax.

Like Kuwait, which is another Muslim country, there is no need to pay any kind of tax, but everyone here should also contribute towards social security. Like the Caribbean Islands of North America, you will not have to pay any taxes or social security in the Cayman Islands. From the tourists coming here to the workers, they will have to do pension scheme.

Bahrain: In this country also no one is required to pay tax. Social insurance and employment tax will have to be paid here. Companies here will have to deposit 12 percent for the safety of their employees.

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